Project Plan & Status





The EIGHTFOLD campus offers urban infill, greenfield and renovation opportunities located at 3501 Ed Bluestein Blvd., (Hwy. 183) a major arterial roadway in Austin with proximity to the airport, 6.3 miles and to downtown Austin, 4.2 miles. An existing utility infrastructure is ready to accommodate 8 million square feet. The site is shovel ready with existing buildings that total 1.49 million square feet within the current renovation already underway.

The EIGHTFOLD campus consists of 109.65 acres, zoned LI, plus 16 acres under development for multi-family living. EIGHTFOLD is currently acquiring an amendment to allow for a height limit that will accommodate an even larger development.

The campus will provide ample parking, including two multi-level parking structures to be expanded for use as extra parking. Architectural and engineering has begun on buildings B, C, D, F, H, J, L and M. These buildings total 1,490,000 square feet. Construction has commenced on buildings F, H and J which will total 342,708 square feet. Building D is scheduled for construction commencement October 2017 which is an additional 170,207 square feet. Buildings F, H, J and D are scheduled to be delivered in September of 2018. Buildings B, C, L and M are scheduled to be released late 2019.

Building B, 548,253 square feet, is designed for a data center that is ready to activate in multiple phases. The current architectural development and MEP are at 80% completion. The data center is envisioned to accommodate a maximum amount of rack space. The density will be based on 8kVA & 4kVA per rack. Renderings for Building F, H and J [renovation and modernization of existing buildings], a custom entrance for Amazon and new building renderings for Phase III ground up constructions are included.