The Pillars of Eightfold

EIGHTFOLD’s philosophy is based on the tenets of the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path and is designed to create a community without boundaries, transcending traditional work and life environments and awakening the body, mind, and spirit. By focusing on natural restoration and modern technological innovation, EIGHTFOLD envisions a compact, diversified space to empower entrepreneurship, art, innovation, and wellness, interweaving all eight pillars into community members’ daily lives.


Live-Work, Entertainment, and Celebration

Interconnectivity is one of the highest aims of EIGHTFOLD. This pillar creates a dynamic environment that enhances and interconnects the pillars. By creating live-work spaces, we envision an environment where artists, makers, health and wellness, and technology specialists can find balance in their work lives. Free-flowing, multi-use space with nearby affordable housing will contribute to the preservation and rebirth of the property and foster community and creativity. EIGHTFOLD will host mixed residential buildings, artist housing, and studio lofts. Community members will enjoy many cafes, coworking spaces, performance venues, and outdoor markets. When it comes time to find balance and decompress, escape to the Zen gardens, walking trails, exercise facilities, or soak in the living art installations.

The Environment and Organic Farming

EIGHTFOLD is committed to the restoration and preservation of the natural landscape and has set aside land for the development of organic farming. The farm will provide for local cafes, restaurants, and the on-site farmers’ market with a wide variety of organic, healthy food options. EIGHTFOLD recognizes the growing importance of biotechnology within the organic farming industry. Together with the Co-fab Lab, biotech research facilities, co-working spaces, tech shops, maker spaces, and the arts community, EIGHTFOLD will promote the shared knowledge and interconnectivity that will inspire future development of the organic and biotech farming sectors.

Green Energy and Sustainable Use

EIGHTFOLD is focused on sustainably harnessing solar, wind, and water energy sources. New buildings and existing landscapes will all be preserved, redesigned, constructed, and operated to reduce waste, conserve energy, decrease water consumption, and inspire the evolution of green innovation. Public transportation will be routed throughout the community, and renewable-powered electric car charging stations will be constructed to reduce campus-wide vehicle emissions. Our approach, coupled with technologies such as radiant panels and dedicated outdoor air systems, makes it possible to scale back the size and complexity of mechanical systems while complying with the high standards of LEED accreditation to reduce energy costs and embody sustainability, reliability, and resiliency.

Health, Medicine, and Wellness

The EIGHTFOLD facility is a hub for research and development in the health, wellness, and medical industries. It is a collaborative environment for the study of all types of medicine. Experts and institutions will have the opportunity to learn from numerous healing modalities, with input from health coaches, functional medicine doctors, and MDs. The Holistic Healing Center is located on the edge of the Zen woodlands and provides a seamless transition between healthy living and connection with nature. Unparalleled fitness workshops and state of the art gyms, studios, and equipment are incorporated among outdoor activity spaces. Biking paths, martial arts, Pilates, and more provide options for all fitness levels and needs.

Education and Personal Growth

This EIGHTFOLD pillar encompasses eight focal points to set conditions and goals for success in work, relationships, and life. The community offers state of the art facilities such as the 180-seat training and events theater for seminars, conferences, corporate and public events, and workshops to encourage our holistic approach to learning and personal development.

Cultural Arts and Creativity

The EIGHTFOLD Arts pillar is a beacon of creativity designed to support and celebrate the artistic community in Austin. The connected building spaces throughout the Arts Bazaar create a platform for visual and performing artists to form a heartbeat of creativity that weaves through the community, keeping it vibrant and full of life. EIGHTFOLD’s Innovation & Technology and Arts Bazaar plazas have connected landscaping and co-working office spaces to provide the Austin arts community with the opportunity to use virtual reality, tech labs, and maker-spaces to bring any vision to life. Constantly updated art installations and audio and visual technologies inspire creative minds throughout the community to share their work and discover the work of others.

Development Innovation and Technology

EIGHTFOLD offers opportunities to break down barriers for creativity with high level technology sectors composed of mixed-use tech office hubs. This pillar of EIGHTFOLD is driven by crossing the boundaries between disciplines, allowing research and development companies, health and wellness practitioners, and education programs to build mutually beneficial relationships. This interconnected network of Innovation and Technology spaces, both physical within the natural landscapes and virtual via the campus-wide WiFi, is designed to give every individual the opportunity to network and collaborate. This space will offer the EIGHTFOLD community a central point for connectivity and innovation to spread into wider industries.

Yoga and Meditation

The EIGHTFOLD pillar of yoga and meditation cultivates conscious living and expansive thinking. EIGHTFOLD will offer a wide variety of yoga and meditation classes, events, and retreats from world-renowned Gurus and professionals. There will be something for every level, from introductory classes for those just starting their inner journeys to experienced workshops for those looking to delve deeper into their practices. The Zen Forest & Garden is designed to allow one to live a more present, connected, and balanced life and enable a deep connection with nature. The Alternative Wellness Center, situated on the boundary of the forest, offers a calming space for meditation, yoga, and alternative healing and medicine. The connected landscape provides a gateway to optimal health by placing awareness on healing the connection between the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies.