The heartbeat of Austin lies within its artist communities. EIGHTFOLD is designed as a campus that is ready to support visual technology and performing arts with opportunities for creativity throughout its buildings and landscaping. Connected building spaces and Arts Bazaar plazas create a unique platform for the creative spaces that weave throughout the environment, breathing life and harmony into its design.   EIGHTFOLD Innovation & Technology connect with landscaping to offer co-working office spaces for the artistic mind, furthering ways to utilize virtual reality, tech labs and maker-spaces that will inspire vision. The latest and most up-to-date audio and visual technologies collaborate with the surrounding environment offering flow and command of the most important discoveries and insight.

  • Art Institute & Organizations
  • Classical Arts and Music Training
  • Culinary School
  • Music Studios & Schools
  • Outdoor Spaces & Amphitheater
  • Photography Studio
  • Film & Animation Studios/Sets
  • Indoor & Outdoor Art Gallery
  • Maker Spaces & Art Fab Labs
  • Virtual Reality Studios