Welcome to an area that is quickly becoming an integral part of Austin’s booming tech-savvy and hip, creative communities.

EIGHTFOLD is creating a community without boundaries. Following the eight tenets of the Buddhist Noble Path, the EIGHTFOLD campus is designed with thought, intention and rebirth to create an environment that enhances a work life culture for its population.

Within six miles of the Austin Bergstrom International Airport and Austin’s famous downtown, the EIGHTFOLD campus is poised to become a major tech and business hub. This preexisting 125-acre site has built-in features, such as an available utility infrastructure with designed redundancy that is ready to accommodate an eight million plus square foot development on one single site. The campus buildings that are ready to meet the 500,000-square foot target goal before 2019. The campus accesses a major commute hub as it is located east of HWY 183 South, connecting South Austin and North Austin in just a few short minutes. EIGHTFOLD offers a completed design for a cutting-edge data center, saving valuable design time. EIGHTFOLD is already permitted and construction has  commenced.  The EIGHTFOLD campus is shovel ready with an existing redundant power supply on-site. Reinvented to be a green, self-sustaining city-within-a-city, the site is all inclusive, incorporating the latest technology and designs.

The EIGHTFOLD campus has a rich history with Austin as Motorola’s chief plant. Modernization and revitalization development is underway at the new East-Austin campus.

Pillars of Eightfold

The core philosophy behind EIGHTFOLD is inspired by “The Noble Eightfold Path”, which is a Buddhist practice meant to enlighten the mind, body, and spirit through a series of tenets.

Development Status

Find out more details on the 500,000-square foot Eightfold Austin campus development. Phase I is underway, and Phase II is slotted to be completed in 2019.